Victron Energy MultiPlus-II 2x 120V – 12V 3000VA Inverter / Charger

1.358,00  (1.683,92  inc.VAT )

MultiPlus-II 2 x120V is the perfect one-box mobile solution for standard North
American 50A 120/240VAC split-phase applications. Whether it is supplied from
shore power or a generator, the MultiPlus-II 2x120V can accept and passthrough
both lines of a 120/240V supply, with the capability to utilize the full 50A
for charging and AC loads. When
connecting to a single phase 120V supply, the L1 input of the MultiPlus-II
2x120V will accept incoming power for charging and passthrough, while combining
the L1 and L2 outputs for single-phase 120V on each line. The
MultiPlus switches to inverter operation when no AC source is available. The
inverter output is also 120V single phase. In inverter mode, the MultiPlus-II
2x120V internally connects both lines L1 and L2 together to provide 120VAC to
loads on either output. Therefore,
in all connection circumstances, both sides of a distribution panel will be
supplied with 120V. However, 240VAC is only available when the MultiPlus is
supplied by a split phase 120/240VAC source. This prevents heavy loads such as
water heaters or 240V air conditioners from discharging the battery.The
MultiPlus-II 2x 120V has all of the expected features of our versatile
inverter/charger range, including PowerControl, PowerAssist, Input Current
Limit, two AC outputs, as well as parallel and 3ph configuration for larger
capacity VE.Bus systems. Suitable for LiFePO4 batteries and a variety of other
battery technologies.

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